View-Master Personal Pictures
- Model L Viewer and Reel Album Pages -

Black Model 'L' Viewer
Black Model 'L' Viewer
I have a small quantity of black Model 'L' Viewers available. Many customers perfer these because they cut out
any extraneous light and give you the best picture of any inexpensive viewer. These are new and sold loose/uncarded.
$9 each + shipping

Reel Album Pages
Reel Album Pages
I have been using these for years. You can place 1-3 Viewmaster Personal Reels (or production reels) in a white Viewmaster envelope into each
pocket of the Reel Album Page for wonderful storage of the reels. The Reel Album Page holds the reels firmly, and you may find splitting of the
reels caused by improper gluing is reduced when you use the album pages. As you can see in the picture, you can label the envelopes to make a
 convenient way to mark and find your reels. Each page may contain as many as 18 reels. You can use the older style reel envelopes as well (1 or 2
 reels per page in old style envelopes for a total of 12 reels per page.) I recommend a zippered binder for the Reel Album Pages, but use any standard
binder. They are made of thick, durable plastic and designed for binders that take standard 8 x 10 paper. And you won't find these anywhere else.
$3 each + shipping
$2.50 each (for orders greater than 5) + shipping.

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