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Scanning and Printing
Because I scan your View-Master pictures in the reel, it is better to send them in the reel and note which ones to scan by circling the number of the picture in pencil. The prints are created by a professional photo company.
Get a better price by scanning the entire reel.

Additional Prints and Stereo Cards
You may purchase addition prints (including stereo cards) now or later. I will do my best to keep your scans for at least a year. Stereo cards are typically a good bit more expensive because of their size and dimension and because they take a considerable amount of time to format. For a sample of a stereo card see the Samples Page.

Scans on CD

I am able to offer the scans on CD. Save money and get the scans only.
Then you can edit/format the pictures like you want them and print them yourself.

Other Size Prints (Normally I print 4x4.25)

I can print other sizes, but they will be considerably more expensive.
If interested, inquire directly by email. Larger size pictures will be less 'sharp'.

MPO Files

After I scan your reels, I can create MPO files to be used to display your Viewmaster Pictures on
your 3D TV, 3D Computer monitor, or other 3D device. You may need additional equipment to view
these MPO files on your 3D television, such as a Fuji W3 3D Camera, PS3, or 3D Blu-ray player.

Don't Forget Reel Mounts
I also offer new Reel Mounts.

Reel Mount Repair
I can also repair your old or damaged Reel Mounts. This usually entails remounting frames in a new reel.

Reel Mounting/Cutting

If you have a View-Master Camera but no cutter, I can cut and mount you film.

Other Slide Types
I can scan and print most standard and non-standard slide types.
Tell me what you have, and I'll see what I can do.

Create Viewmaster Reels
I can make a copy of your Viewmaster Personal Reel OR I can take your Digital
files and create viewmaster reels from them. If you use a 3D camera such
as the Fuji W1 or W3 digital camera, your reels will be in 3D

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