View-Master Personal Pictures
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New Lower Prices

Service Price Notes
Scans of Pictures $2 for individual frames
$10 for each whole reel
(7 pictures/14 frames)
Inquire about other slide formats
10% off scans totaling more than $100
15% off scans totaling more than $200
(Discounts only apply to whole reel scans.)
(Discounts do not apply to rush orders.)
Prints 35 cents each for 4 x 4.3
60 cents each for 5 x 5.4
Other sizes available
Minimum $10 per order
(I can also format your prints with holiday greetings.)
MPO Files
(View your Viewmaster
pictures on your 3D TV)
$1.50 for each file or
$7 for 7 files from a VM reel
(in addition to scanning fee)
You may need additional equipment to view
MPO files on your 3D television, such as a
Fuji W3, PS3, or 3D Blu-ray player.
CD Free CD includes a 'Digital Picture Album'
for you to easily search through your
pictures on your computer
(uses 'Internet Explorer').
Red-Cyan Anaglyph Glasses $1 each You get one free pair if you are
having me scan three or more reels.
This will allow you to view your
scans in 3D on your computer.
Stereo Cards Inquire Price varies according to size.
Reel Mounts
$3.50 per reel
Minimum Order: 5 Reels
Reel Mounting Service
$2.50 per reel w/out reel
$6 per reel with reel
Ask about discounts for combined
cutting and scanning.
Black Model 'L' Viewer
Read about these fantastic viewers.
Reel Album Pages
$3 each for 1 - 4 pages
$2.50 each for 5 or more
Read about this unque storage medium for
View Master Personal and Production reels.
Shipping $5 - U.S. First Class
$7 - U.S. Priority
$7 - Outside U.S.
A handling fee may apply to orders less than $20.

I take Money Order, Check, or Credit Card through Paypal.

Your printed View-Master Pictures will look something like this...

(This picture formatted for printing as a 4x6 although the file size was reduced. c. 1957)

I can also scan and print most standard and non-standard slides.
Prices are similar to above.
Email me and tell me what you've got.

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