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This scan was 414K before I reduced the image about 91% for this web page. This would make an average quality picture because there are several dark areas in the picture. Note how there is a black border to the picture. Usually the only way to cut out the black border is to cut out more of the picture than would be desirable because of the curved edges.

Note: When I talk about reducing the image (for example) 91%, it refers to the filesize not the picture size. Reducing the filesize, as I have done, reduces the clarity (or sharpness) of the picture.

These scans were taken from a 1954 View-Master reel (Kodachrome). These made great quality pictures because they are evenly lighted. Notice how naturally the colors come across (especially in the bottom two pictures), even after fifty years. Also notice the brilliance of the red dress in the bottom right picture and the blue-grey sky in the bottom left. Also noteworthy is the subtle green of the car in the top left picture. These scans were reduced between 90% and 95%. Also remember, the final pictures were far clearer than these images because I reduced them drastically for this web site.

This scan was 365K before I reduced it about 92% for this web page. This made an excellent picture, although at first I thought it might be a little dark. This is a picture of my son and his dog (Kodachrome, 2001). Personally, I still shoot in the View-Master Format. Then I scan and print the better ones for our picture album.
This is a mock-up of the same photo as a Stereocard. With the use of special glasses or an old-time viewer, you could view this picture in stereo.

This scan was ONLY reduced about 75%. It was taken from a 1957 View-Master reel (again Kodachrome). I wanted to show more detail in this image. Notice the flowers on the car. In the View-Master reel I didn't even see the flowers. I was very pleased with the clarity of this picture. The final picture won't be this large, but the clarity will be considerably better.

More pictures of my son. (Kodachrome, 2008 and 2009)

Some great outdoor pictures. They have both been lightened.
(Kodachrome, circa 1958 and 1952)

More Samples to Come

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