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- Testimonials -

"Thank you for the wonderful CD. I never knew all of this could be done on a CD. It's perfect. My main objective was to share the photos. You made it easy. Thank you!"

-- Barbara in Louisiana, November 2018 --

" I noticed you must have scanned one of the reels twice to try to get better results the second time. I really appreciate your extra effort to get the best possible results for us. Thanks again for scanning our reels and taking good care of them."

-- Richard in Kentucky, June 2017 --

"The Viewmaster discs arrived this morning, and I can hardly describe how thrilled I am with them! The clarity of the images is great and so is the color. My sisters will be thrilled. Many thanks for the great work."

-- Ron in California, Febuary 2016 --

"FABULOUS!!! Got the order yesterday & am really pleased with what you sent."

-- Phyllis in Texas, March 2015 --

"...the colors are so much richer than I was expecting, and the focus on many pictures is razor sharp. I like the way it seems to work out that if a left picture is marred by dust, the right picture never is, and vice versa."

-- Larry in North Carolina, September 2014 --

"You have a wonderful numbering system and it appears you could go right up through 9999 reels for one case! W O W ~ ~ ~ ~ The result is amazing!!!"

-- Harold in California, May 2013 --

"What a trip down memory lane I had when I viewed the pictures. They are so wonderful and they turned out really good. Thanks for the trip and your help..." "What a great service."

-- Judy in Pennsylvania, March 2012 --

"I got the reels and the CD, and the spectacles, and it all works and looks great! Thanks for this!"

-- Philip in Belgium, March 2012 --

"The picture you sent looks amazing."

-- Troy in Wisconsin, June 2011 --

"I love the picture!! I'm sending the others and the check today. Thanks"

-- Sheryl in Oklahoma, October 2010 --

"I just received the package! Thank you so much, I loved your work!!! This is exactly what I was expecting. My parents are going to be amazed with all this. Thanks once again for your professionalism."

-- Jessica in Texas, September 2009 --

I am still in shock at the wonderful job you did. Thanks again!!"

-- Steven in New York, August 2009 --

"...we did receive the prints, and they were fantastic. Thank you very much... We were really happy with the result, and we'll be sending additional reels next month."

-- Maurice in The Netherlands, August 2009 --

"...thank you so much for the work you did for us! They look great!! I have been looking at the "View" CD at work, and I didn't realize how good it is and fun to see all the pictures cataloged and easy to find!"

-- Damon in New York, August 2009 --

"The pictures were a hit at the anniversary, thanks for your help."

-- Donnie in Alabama, July 2009 --

"I got the pictures today. They turned out great. I'm glad I could get them printed."

-- Dawn in Minnesota, April 2009 --

"The packet with prints and reels arrived yesterday, and I am very pleased with the results, so will be sending more reels tomorrow. Thanks for the fine processing and for being able to make the one reel whole again." (Customer refers to both prints and the repairing of a damaged reel.)

-- Wayne in Alaska, March 2009 --

"Thank you for the wonderful pictures.  I'm really enjoying looking at them. All of my wedding album pictures are in black and white. So nice to see the colors of my bridesmaid and the cake. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You."

-- Joan and Lee in Michigan, November 2008 --

"...the pictures were great and thank you much. If I need more, or if I run into someone who needs this service, I will send them to you."

-- Jim in California, May 2008 --

"Was just looking at the CD - it's very good - and the information is really helpful. Looks like it takes a lot of time to do."

-- Gloria in Hawaii, September 2006 --

"I'm so VERY happy with the pictures and the CD...You did a great job...It was wonderful seeing my Mom and Dad together...I didn't have a picture of them in color...My heart was so full...." "Everyone I've shown the pictures to, have remarked how beautiful the colors are and that they look like they were taken today...Thanks again for giving me back pictures of my Mom and Dad in color."

-- Theresa in Alabama, August 2006 --

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